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Assoc. Professor Wennan Zhang

Assoc. Professor Wennan Zhang

Department of Chemical Engineering (CHE)

Mid Sweden University, Sweden

Telephone: 010-142 86 39

Email: wennan.zhang@miun.se


Professor Wennan Zhang’s topic will be “Review on gas fermentation to alcohols” at the 6th International Conference on Biomass Energy (ICBE2018).


Education and Training


2011.11- Energy Engineering, Mid Sweden University, Docent, Supervisor of PhD


1992-1995 Energy Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology, Ph. D


1990.8-1992 Energy Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology, Licentiate of Eng.


1985-1988 Chemical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Process Engineering, M. Sc.


1979-1983 Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering, Northeast University (China), B. Sc.


Research Interests


Biomass conversion, Syngas production, Hydrothermal pyrolysis, Fermentation, Refinery


Selected Publications


Zhu, Y. , Hu, J. , Yang, W. , Zhang, W. , Zeng, K. , Yang, H. , Du, S. & Chen, H. (2018). Ash Fusion Characteristics and Transformation Behaviors during Bamboo Combustion in Comparison with Straw and Poplar. Energy & Fuels, vol. 32: 4, pp. 5244-5251.  


Yang, H. , Wang, D. , Li, B. , Zeng, Z. , Qu, L. , Zhang, W. & Chen, H. (2018). Effects of potassium salts loading on calcium oxide on the hydrogen production from pyrolysis-gasification of biomass. Bioresource Technology, vol. 249, pp. 744-750.  


Chen, X. , Yang, H. , Chen, Y. , Chen, W. , Lei, T. , Zhang, W. & Chen, H. (2017). Catalytic fast pyrolysis of biomass to produce furfural using heterogeneous catalysts. Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, vol. 127, pp. 292-298.  


Hu, J. , Shao, J. , Yang, H. , Lin, G. , Chen, Y. , Wang, X. , Zhang, W. & Chen, H. (2017). Co-gasification of coal and biomass : Synergy, characterization and reactivity of the residual char. Bioresource Technology, vol. 244, pp. 1-7.  


Ding, M. , Ma, L. , Zhang, Q. , Wang, C. , Zhang, W. & Wang, T. (2017). Enhancement of conversion from bio-syngas to higher alcohols fuels over K-promoted Cu-Fe bimodal pore catalysts. Fuel processing technology, vol. 159, pp. 436-441.  


Zhang, Z. , Tian, N. , Zhang, W. , Huang, X. , Ruan, L. & Wu, L. (2016). Inhibition of carbon steel corrosion in phase-change-materials solution by methionine and proline. Corrosion Science, vol. 111, pp. 675-689.  


Göransson, K. , Söderlind, U. , Engstrand, P. & Zhang, W. (2015). An experimental study on catalytic bed materials in a biomass dual fluidised bed gasifier. Renewable energy, vol. 81, pp. 251-261.  


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Göransson, K. , Söderlind, U. , Henschel, T. , Engstrand, P. & Zhang, W. (2015). Internal tar/CHreforming in a biomass dual fluidised bed gasifier.. Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery, vol. 5, pp. 355-366.  


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He, J. , Göransson, K. , Söderlind, U. & Zhang, W. (2012). Simulation of biomass gasification in a dual fluidized bed gasifier. Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery, vol. 2: 1, pp. 1-10.   


Göransson, K. , Söderlind, U. & Zhang, W. (2011). Experimental test on a novel dual fluidised bed biomass gasifier for synthetic fuel production. Fuel, vol. 90: 4, pp. 1340-1349.  


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He, J. & Zhang, W. (2008). Research on ethanol synthesis from syngas. Journal of Zhejiang University - Science A, vol. 9: 5, pp. 714-719.  

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