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Dr. Anthony Dufour

Dr. Anthony Dufour

Research scientist

Reactions & Chemical Engineering Lab.

CNRS, Université de Lorraine, Nancy, France

Mobile : +33 6 82 93 97 33

Email: anthony.dufour@univ-lorraine.fr

Topic: Photoionisation mass spectrometry: 
a powerful tool to study biomass pyrolysis





2014 - Habilitation to supervise Ph-D students


2007 - Doctor in Chemical Engineering of Institut national polytechnique de Lorraine


2003 - Engineer INSA de Lyon


Research experience


2017 – Present Head of the “GREENER” group in Nancy


Director of the J. Villermaux CNRS research federation


Deputy director of Carnot ICEEL Institute


Co-editor of Journal of Analytical & Applied Pyrolysis (Elsevier)


2008 - Present Research scientist at CNRS Reactions and Chemical Engineering Laboratory, ENSIC, Nancy


2008 Post-doctoral Fellow at J. Villermaux Federation, CNRS, Nancy


2004 - 2007 Research engineer at Gaz de France (today ENGIE)


Research interest


Pyrolysis, gasification and liquefaction of biomass, polymers and wastes. Catalytic conversion of bio-oils and tar. Analysis of bio-oils.


Structure and reactivity of carbons (coke, char, etc.).


Development of (catalytic) thermochemical reactors. Modeling of biorefineries and biomass chains (from forest to final use).


Selection of some recent publications




* Corresponding author


1. Buendia-Kandia, F., Mauviel, G., Guedon, E., (…), Dufour, A.* , Decomposition of cellulose in hot-compressed water: detailed analysis of the products and effect of operating conditions, En&Fuels, in press 2017.


2. Jia, L.Y., Raad, M. Hamieh, S., (…)Pinard*, L., Dufour, A* Catalytic fast pyrolysis of biomass: superior selectivity of hierarchical zeolites to aromatics, Green Chemistry 19(22), 5442-5459, 2017.


3. Shrestha, B., Le Brech, Y., Ghislain, T., Leclerc, S., Carré, V., Aubriet, F., Hoppe, S., Marchal, P., Pontvianne, S., Brosse, N., Dufour, A.*, A Multitechnique Characterization of Lignin Softening and Pyrolysis, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 6(8), 6940-6949, 2017.


4. Jia, L.Y., Dufour, A., Le-Brech, Y., Authier, O., Mauviel*, G., On-line analysis of primary tars from biomass pyrolysis by single photoionization mass spectrometry: Experiments and detailed modelling, Chemical Engineering Journal, 313, 270–282, 2017.


5. Le Brech, Y., Raya, J., Delmotte, L., (...), Gadiou, R., Dufour*, A., Characterization of biomass char formation investigated by advanced solid state NMR, Carbon, 108, 165-177, 2016.


6. Le Brech, Y., Ghislain, T., Leclerc, S., Bouroukba, M., Delmotte, L., Chaimbault, P., Brosse, N., Snape, C., Dufour*, A., Effect of potassium on the mechanisms of biomass pyrolysis as studied by in-situ 1H NMR, TG-DSC and LC/MS, ChemSusChem, 9 (8), 863-872, 2016.

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