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Professor Mário Manuel Gonçalves Costa



Professor Mário Manuel Gonçalves Costa

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal

Email: mcosta@ist.utl.pt






Professor Mário Costa’s topic is “Combustion and Gasification of Biomass” at the 6th International Conference on Biomass Energy (ICBE2018).


Mário Costa is a Full Professor in the area of Environment and Energy at the Mechanical Engineering Department of Instituto Superior Técnico (IST). Currently, he teaches the courses of Thermodynamics, Combustion, Renewables Energies and Integrated Energy Systems. He has supervised 8 Postdoc, 18 PhD, 75 MSc and 35 Diploma students. He has participated in more than 50 national and international projects in the area of Energy and Environment and has (co-)authored 1 book, more than 120 papers in international peer-reviewed journals, more than 160 papers in international conferences and given more than 30 invited lectures at other universities and international symposia. Currently, he serves as Associate Editor of the Proceedings of the Combustion Institute and belongs to the Editorial Board of the Combustion and Flame, Energy Conversion and Management and Energies. He was the recipient of the Caleb Brett Award of the Institute of Energy in 1991, of the Sugden Award of the British Section of the Combustion Institute in 1991, of the Prémio Científico Universidade Técnica de Lisboa/Santander Totta in 2010, of a Menção Honrosa Universidade de Lisboa/Santander Universidades in 2016, and of Prémio Científico Universidade de Lisboa/Santander Universidades in 2017.




  • Chemical Engineer, Chemical Engineering at University of Coimbra, 1984

  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London, 1992

  • Habilitation in Mechanical Engineering at Technical University of Lisbon, 2009


    Research Interests



    Conventional and alternative fuels; particulate and aerosol formation and abatement; heterogeneous processes; advances in diagnostic methods in combustion; gas turbines; small- and large-scale stationary combustion and power generation; new concepts.


    Research experience


  • Coordenation and participation in 22 international projects; 23 national projects; 10 projects funded by industry in different fields of energy and environment.


  • Associate editor of an international journal (Proceedings of the Combustion Institute), member of the editorial board of four international journals (Combustion and Flame, Energy Conversion and Management, Energies and Aerospace), and referee of a significant number of international journals in the area of energy, fuels and environment (https://publons.com/author/564037/mario-costa#profile).


  • Co-author of more than 110 papers in international journals with referee, more than 150 papers in international conferences and 1 book.

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